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Paradise Design offers a refreshing take with a curated design and renovation experience!  Our passion is creating your Paradise.”


I have always loved designing homes, which was apparent as a kid when I would rather arrange the furniture and build a spiral staircase out of popsicle sticks in my doll house than actually play with the barbies.  Growing up with an overachieving tradesman father and always in a house under “renovation”, I was no stranger to craftsmanship and construction, and worked often with my hands from a young age with him.  In high school I realized Interior Design was my passion, and business mindset was my strength, so off into the world I went, attempting to use both my passion and my strengths to forge my path.  

I gathered knowledge at each point in my adult life, first being self-employed at the age of 19 as a painter and decorator, then as a flooring and paint sales rep, then later as a project manager and designer for a custom home builder.  In 2020, I began a paint company alongside a business partner up to the point the company was successful and self-sufficient, and when the opportunity for me to leave my legacy with them and start my own Interior Design focused venture came up, I nervously, but excitedly started up Paradise Design.  Everything I have worked for in my past has lead me to this point, this adventure.  My first love is Design, and my second is people, and so my goal is to create beautiful homes for neighbors and friends.  I will always do my best to listen with my ears, eyes, and heart, and do all I can to serve my Clients with professionalism, passion, and loyalty.  This is the Paradise promise.” – Jessica


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